2 x Bi-metal heatbreak ALL METAL heat break. X1 Threaded

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2 x Bi-metal heatbreak ALL METAL heat break.

Product description:

Bi-Metal Heatbreak : Compatible with Volcano, PT100 Volcano and V6 Heat Block ( possible compatability with smooth MK8 Ender etc)

  • "Bi-Metal Heatbreak" It has two components with different thermal conductivity. It is composed of 3 parts. We use a special process to hold them firmly together.
  • if fitting or removing support the block adequately
  • 450℃-rated Bi-Metal Heatbreak melts filament faster and conducts 60% less heat across the Break Zone than competing Heatbreaks
  • Size: the total length is around 21mm, the short threaded part is M6

for r X1. The threaded V6 is for 2019 & very early 2020. See last photo, if you have the holes for grubscrews then its a Kraken smooth heatbreak required (see the Bimetal Titanium)

Remember the core issues in the installation process. Just make sure your nozzle and HEAT BREAK are tight and sealed, a slight gap between block and nozzle.

The Bi metal heatbreak is ideal if using lower temperature filament such as PLA and higher temperature such as Abs or PETG. But an ALL Metal heatbreak such as Titanium will be stronger.

Remember whenever you work on the Hotend support the Block so there is no movement, otherwise the Bimetal may seperate.

Heatbreaks are delicate parts.

  • Never tighten your nozzle without holding the heater block with pliers. Doing it without can break the transition zone (the thinnest part)
  • Our warranty does not cover damage to the heatbreak from over-tightening or nozzle crashes, only defects in the product itself.

Items sent;

2 x Bi metal heatbreak.

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