Clone BMG/V6 conversion kit. BMG style extruder & V6 hotend complete. For X1 & Genius. Instock

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Thinking about changing the hotend, well this is a proven upgrade for the X1 and Genius,

Especially if you want to print miniatures etc.

Thanks to CHANH PHUONG for the great how to do guide;

BMG style Extruder & V6 hotend for X1 & Genius

High quality V6 nozzle*0.4MM(1.75MM for v6 HOTEND) X 1

heat break(1.75MM for v6) X 1

Aluminum V6 Heater Block p100 style for Sensor Cartridges X 1

Aluminium Heatsink X 1

Cooling fan(24V) X 1

Fan bracket X 1

100k 3950 Thermistor Cartridge X 1

50w Heater Cartridge(24V) X 1

attachment bolts

all correct connectors fitted to suit X1 or Genius

PETG 3d printed fan shroud

*All package options do not include stepper motors. photos are for guidance only.

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