Evnovo X1 & Genius "Always Up +"Kit. 13 piece essentials kit.

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Evnovo x1 "Always Up+"Kit. 13 piece essentials kit,

everything that you may need for the maintenance of your printer.

  • Z PCB Board V. 4
  • X PCB Board V.4
  • Extruder PCB Board V.4
  • 20 Pin Ribbon Cable
  • 30 Pin Ribbon Cable
  • Adhesive Tape for 20 pin & 30 pin Ribbon cable
  • Throat
  • Nozzle
  • Heater Block
  • Heater Cartridge
  • Thermistor
  • Titan idler arm, option to get Alloy Idle arm

If you have an earlier model than the V4 (V4 has a reset button next to the screen) . On earlier V1-2-3 and some early V4 you will need to install the extruder and X axis together due to changes in the extruder board.

To check if you have the newer style heatbreak, take off the side fan and heatblock to check if it has two holes with grub screw.

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