MKS BL Touch upgrade kit for Artillery X2 / Genius Pro

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3d touch kits ready to fit the X2 / Genius Pro. These are replacement / upgrades for the Artillery version.

We use MKS 3d touch, they are good quality with ABS replacable pins. The cable will be plug and play wired with the correct connector.
Also we have a version of the Waggster mount for the X2 available that allows the blue plastic cover to be used.
The probe offset will have to be changed but this can be done using Prontaface and simple command lines.

M851 X28 Y-33
then type M500 to save it to eeprom.
then M501 use active parameters
That will be the new BL touch probe positions flashed into eeprom. No firmware updates required.

Instructions provided, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU DOWNLOAD AND READ THE INSTRUCTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Ensure that you have CH340 drivers working on your computer

The 3d mount supplied may be Black or Blue.*
It is as close to plug and play that we can get.

X2/genius pro bl touch mount ;

Bl touch covers ;

(IF THE Thingiverse do not work by clicking the links, copy and past them into your browser)

included -

1 x MKS 3D Touch with correct cable connector for Artillery pcb

1 x 3d printed mount and M3 mounting Hex screws for Fan and BL touch.*

1 x bl touch cover (hides the glaring led)*

1 x replacement MKS 3d touch pin

*Any and all 3d printed parts are considered free of charge, and hold no monetary value

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